Telephone numbers in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan telephone numbers
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Typical format+998 BC XXXXXXX
Access codes
Country calling code+998
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0

The Uzbek telephone numbering plan describes the allocation of telephone numbers in Uzbekistan.

International dialling format (country code + area code + subscriber number): e.g. +998 BC XXXXXXX


All Uzbek phone numbers have nine digits, and are composed of a city prefix (from 2 to 4 digits) and a subscriber number (the remaining digits up to 9).

City codes

Locality/Province/Cell phone provider Area code
Andijan 74
Bukhara 65
Chirchik 7071
Djizak 72
Fergana 73
Guliston 672
Karakalpakia 61
Kashkadarya Province 75
Karshi 752
Khiva 6222
Khorezm 62
Navoi 79
Namangan 69
Nukus 61
Samarkand 66
Shakhrisabz 7552
Surkhandarya Province 76
Syrdarya 67
Tashkent landline 71 or 78
Termez 7622
Urgench 62
mobile Beeline 90, 91
mobile Ucell 93, 94
mobile UzMobile (CDMA) 95
mobile UMS 97, 88
mobile Perfectum Mobile (CDMA) 98
mobile UzMobile 99
mobile Humans.uz 33



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