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Vatican City
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Vatican City telephone numbers
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CountryVatican City
RegulatorVatican Telephone Service
Access codes
Country calling code+379 (not in use)
+39 06 698
International call prefix00
Trunk prefixNone

Telephone numbers in Vatican City are integrated into the Italian telephone numbering plan: ITU-T has assigned country code +379 to Vatican City,[1] but this is not in use.

Vatican telephone numbers are in the form of "+3906698xxxxx", "+39" being the country code for Italy and "06" the area code for Rome (the city surrounding Vatican City). Dialling the country code for calls within Vatican City or between Italy and Vatican City is not required, but the area code must always be dialed, as for any other call within Italy, since Italy is under a closed telephone dialing plan.

The telecommunications provider of Vatican City is the Vatican Telephone Service (part of the Governorate's Department of Telecommunications since 2002).[2]

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