Telephone numbers in Yemen

Yemen telephone numbers
Yemen (orthographic projection).svg
Access codes
Country calling code+967
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0

The 0 prefix for area codes is used when dialing locally within Yemen, e.g. 01-xxx-xxx and is omitted when calling from outside Yemen, e.g. +967-1-xxx-xxx.

The telephone numbering plan in Yemen is as follows:

  • 01 Sana'a
  • 02 Aden
  • 03 Hodaidah
  • 04 Ibb, Taiz
  • 05 Hadramaut
  • 06 Marib
  • 07 Saddah
  • 70 Cell phones (Y)
  • 71 Cell phones (Sabafon)
  • 73 Cell phones (MTN, formerly Spacetel)
  • 77 Cell phones (Yemenmobile)
  • 79 Cell phones (TeleYemen)(Discontinued)


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