Telephone numbers in the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates telephone numbers
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Typical format(0568524418(telephones)
xxx xxxx (special services)
Access codes
Country calling code+971
International call prefix971
Trunk prefix+

Telephone numbers in United Arab Emirates [UAE] follow a closed telephone numbering plan.

is assigned an international dialling code of +971 by ITU-T. Telephone numbers are fixed at seven digits, with area codes fixed at two or three digits.

Numbering plan

Before 2000

Subscriber numbers were 5- or 6- digits, with area code plus subscriber number totalling 7 digits.


The overall structure of the UAE's national numbering plan is:

Landline Numbers Starts with:

Mobile Numbers Starts with:

  • 050 cell phones (Etisalat)
  • 052 cell phones (Du)
  • 054 cell phones (Etisalat) (Recently released for public use.)
  • 055 cell phones (Du)
  • 056 cell phones (Etisalat)
  • 058 cell phones (Du/Virgin Mobile) (Recently released for public use.)

Emergency Numbers [1]

The following numbers are used for emergency services within the UAE

  • 999 - Police (Emergency)
  • 901 - Police (non-emergency)[citation needed]
  • 998 - Ambulance
  • 997 - Fire Department (Civil Defence)
  • 996 - Coast Guard
  • 991 - For electricity failure (DEWA)
  • 922 - For water failure (DEWA)

Special numbers

These are special 7-digit number ranges, and have no associated area code):

  • 200xxxx shared cost services
  • 600xxxxxx shared cost services
  • 800xxx(xxxx) toll free (800 + min. 3 digits)


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