Tengyō no Ran

The Tengyō no Ran (天慶の乱) ("War in the Tengyō era" or "Tengyō Disturbance"[1]), Tenkei no Ran or Jokei Tenkei no Ran[2] refers to the name of a brief medieval Japanese conflict, in which Taira no Masakado rebelled against the central government. He was defeated after 59 days of fighting with the imperial forces led by Fujiwara Hidesato and Taira Sadamori, who was Masakado's kinsman.[3] One of the legends created about the conflict described how Masakado, fearing Hidesato's archery skills, employed doppelganger bodyguards to protect himself.[4] The warrior-rebel was beheaded on 25 March 940 CE during the Battle of Kojima.


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