Territorial Council of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Territorial Council of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Conseil territorial de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
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Seats19 members
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Political groups
Archipelago Tomorrow
(LR) (17)
Together for the Future (PRG) (2)
Last election
19 March 2017
Meeting place
Church Square, Saint-Pierre

The Territorial Council (French: Conseil territorial) is the legislative branch of the government of the French territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. It was previously known as the General Council (French: Conseil général), but the name was changed to Territorial Council by a new French law on 22 February 2007, a law which also increased the council's powers. The council has 19 members, elected to five year terms. The last election was on 19 March 2017.

The Territorial Council building is an orange two-story structure located at Church Square in Saint-Pierre.


The Territorial Council has 19 members, elected for a six-year term in single-seat constituencies. Elections are held in two stages. The first stage is open to all candidates and the majority of seats can only be given out if a political group achieves true majority at the ballot box. If no majority is attained on this ballot, a second ballot is held the following Sunday. On the second ballot, only a relative majority is necessary to obtain 11 out of the 19 seats. The rest of the seats (4 reserved for Miquelon) are distributed through a system of proportional representation.


The President of the Territorial Council has held executive power since March 2, 1982. The current President is Stéphane Artano.

A list of Presidents of the Territorial Council (General Council before February 2007):

  • Jan 1947 – Feb 1952 Henri Dagort
  • Feb 1952 – Nov 1956 Alfred-Léon Briand
  • Nov 1956 – Nov 1964 Henri Claireaux
  • Nov 1964 – Oct 1966 Albert Briand
  • Oct 1966 – Jun 1968 Paul Lebailly
  • Jun 1968 – 4 Oct 1984 Albert Pen
  • 4 Oct 1984 – 1 Apr 1994 Marc Plantegenest
  • 1 Apr 1994 – 6 Jul 1996 Gérard Grignon
  • 6 Jul 1996 – 31 Mar 2000 Bernard Le Soavec
  • 31 Mar 2000 – 27 Dec 2005 Marc Plantegenest
  • 27 Dec 2005 – 27 Jan 2006 Paul Jaccachury
  • 27 Jan 2006 – 31 Mar 2006 Charles Dodeman
  • 31 Mar 2006 – 24 Oct 2017 Stéphane Artano
  • 24 Oct 2017 – Stéphane Lenormand

Territorial Council Members

The Territorial Council members consist of 5 vice-presidents, officers of the council and general members.

The current standing at the council are:

  • First Vice President (Première Vice-Présidente) - Françoise Letournel
  • Second Vice President (Deuxième Vice-Président) - Gérard Briand
  • Third Vice Prescient (Troisième Vice-Présidente) - Céline Gaspard
  • Fourth Vice President (Quatrième Vice-Présidente) - Odile Beaupertuis
  • Fifth Vice President (Cinquième Vice-Président) - Jean-Yves Desdouets

Majority Territorial Council Members

  • Jean-Pierre Lebailly
  • Catherine De Arburn
  • Gérard Grignon
  • Claude Hacala
  • Nathalie Rebmann
  • Sonia Urdanabia
  • Alain Goupilliere
  • Franck Detcheverry
  • Isabelle Ozon

Opposition Territorial Council Members

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