The Body (band)

The Body
The Body - April 18 2015 - Live in Greensboro NC - by Will Butler.jpg
The Body in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2015
Background information
OriginProvidence, Rhode Island, United States
Years active1999–present
Associated acts
  • Chip King
  • Lee Buford

The Body is an American experimental metal duo formed in 1999 in Providence, Rhode Island and composed of Chip King (guitar, vocals) and Lee Buford (drums, programming). As of 2019, they have released six studio albums as well as a number of other records.


Drummer Lee Buford started the band with hometown friend Chip King after one year of school at the Museum School in Boston and moving to Manhattan in a four-month stint with Blue Man Group. They released their eponymous first full-length album in 2004. Six years of touring and small releases passed before they released their second full-length album, All The Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood, in collaboration with the Assembly of Light choir. This album was met with some critical acclaim.[2][3] They followed this in 2011 with a full length collaboration with noise project Braveyoung, called Nothing Passes.


  • Chip King – guitars, vocals
  • Lee Buford – drums, programming


Studio albums
Collaborative albums
  • The Body Demo (2004)
  • Cop Killer/Dead Cops (2005)
  • Even The Saints Knew Their Hour of Failure and Loss (2006)
  • 2008 Tour EP (2008)
  • The Cold, Suffocating Dark Goes On Forever, And We Are Alone (2012)
  • Master, We Perish (2013)
  • A Home on Earth (2017)
  • Whitehorse & The Body (with Whitehorse) (2019)
  • Split 7" (with Get Killed) (2004)
  • Split 7" (with Whitehorse) (2011)
  • Split LP (with Sandworm) (2014)
  • Anthology (2011)


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