The China Post

The China Post
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)The China Post Group
PublisherThe China Post Group
Founded1952 (67 years ago) (1952)
Political alignmentPan-blue
Ceased publication2017
HeadquartersTaipei, Taiwan
WebsiteOfficial website
The China Post
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

The China Post (英文中國郵報) was one of three English-language newspapers published in Taiwan, alongside the Taipei Times and the Taiwan News, which ceased printing in 2010. The China Post was established by Mr. and Mrs. Y. P. Huang in 1952. According to the publication, its circulation reached over 400,000 readers every day.[1] The China Post was a member of Asia News Network. In April 2017, The China Post announced that the print edition of the publication would end, though the website and mobile application would remain active. In October 2017, the China Post website was discontinued and merged with news website NOWnews, which now mostly republishes news from sources such as the Associated Press or Central News Agency, though it still occasionally translates Chinese-language articles into English.

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post was the Sunday edition of The China Post, featuring comics and a two-page bilingual supplement for advanced ESL students. The Sunday Post was the only bilingual weekly publication in Taiwan with a recap of the week's news topics and analysis.



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