The Slovak Spectator

The Slovak Spectator
TypePrint & online newspaper
PublisherPetit Press
Editor-in-chiefMichaela Terenzani
Founded1 March 1995; 24 years ago (1995-03-01)
HeadquartersBratislava, Slovakia
Sister newspapersSME, Új Szó, Korzár and various regional My noviny newspapers
ISSN1335-9843 (print)
1336-0922 (web)

The Slovak Spectator (or in abbreviated form Slovak Spectator) is Slovakia's English-language newspaper.

History and profile

The debut issue of The Slovak Spectator hit newsstands across Slovakia on 1 March, 1995.

The newspaper was founded by four Americans: Rick Zednik, Richard Lewis, Eric Koomen and Daniel J. Stoll. Currently, only Koomen and Stoll are owners along with the largest media company in Slovakia, Petit Press, which also owns SME, Új Szó, Korzár and various regional My noviny newspapers.[1][2]

The Slovak Spectator is published by The Rock, s.r.o. publishing house and covers local news, culture and business. The company also publishes four special publications that appear throughout the year, including the Spectacular Slovakia travel guide, the Book of Lists business directory, and comprehensive guides to local real estate, investment environment and human resources.

Its target group includes foreigners living and working in Slovakia, Slovaks with good command of English, students at universities, foreign companies established in Slovakia and embassies as well as similar groups living abroad, especially people who are living and working in Slovakia or who are preparing to do so.


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