The Wolf and Fox Hunt

La Chasse au loup et au renard - Rubens.jpg

The Wolf and Fox Hunt is a c.1616 painting by Peter Paul Rubens now held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It shows mounted and walking hunters chasing two wolves and three foxes. It marks the beginning of an intensive creative phase in which Rubens focuses on the theme of hunting.

The Wolf and Fox Hunt is the first painting by Rubens when he created a market for a new form of art. This is one of the many paintings of very large hunting scenes painted on a canvas. The painting was originally trimmed from the top and the left side as it was too big and it would not fit in any of the houses of the princes. The wolves in the painting are his own creation and work but overall the painting was completed with assistance.

This painting was considered to be a modern replacement for tapestries.

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