Theo Hiddema

Theo Hiddema
Theo Hiddema (2018).jpg
Hiddema in 2018
Member of the House of Representatives
Assumed office
23 March 2017
Personal details
Theo Upt Hiddema

(1944-04-01) 1 April 1944 (age 75)
Holwerd, Netherlands
Political partyForum for Democracy
ResidenceMaastricht, Netherlands

Theo Upt Hiddema (born 1 April 1944) is a Dutch lawyer, media personality and politician serving as a member of the House of Representatives for Forum for Democracy since 2017.[1]

Early life

Theo Hiddema was born on 1 April 1944 in Holwerd, Netherlands.[2]


Hiddema was accepted to the bar on 10 July 1975 in Maastricht. After an internship with Max Moszkowicz in Maastricht, he founded his own practice in 1981. There are currently two offices, one in Amsterdam and one in Maastricht.[2]

Hiddema became known as a lawyer in several famous cases, one against Florrie Rost van Tonningen-Heubel, the widow of a Dutch national-socialist during World War II, and the case against the violent and criminal Venlo Gang.[2]


In 2016, Hiddema joined Forum for Democracy (FvD, Dutch: Forum voor Democratie),[2] and was officially allocated a spot high on the electoral roll, second only to the founder and leader of the party, Thierry Baudet.[citation needed] Since FvD managed to get enough electoral votes for two seats in the House of Representatives in the 2017 Dutch general election, Hiddema became a member of the House of Representatives.[2]


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