Thomas Amory (author)

Thomas Amory
Bornc. 1691
Died25 November 1788

Thomas Amory (c. 1691 – 25 November 1788) was a writer with an Irish background, thought to have lived in Dublin and later in Westminster.[1]


In 1755 Amory published Memoirs containing the lives of several ladies of Great Britain, a History of Antiquities and Observations on the Christian Religion. This was followed by the Life of John Buncle, Esq. in 1766, which was practically a continuation: (Vol. I,[2] 1756, and Vol. II,[3]

These works are those of a polymath, covering philology, natural science, theology and other subjects, unsystematically, but with occasional originality and felicity of diction.

Private life

Amory was a keen Unitarian. He was also a renowned eccentric, with a peculiar appearance and the manner of a gentleman. He scarcely ever stirred abroad except at dusk. He died at the age of 97, probably in London.[1]


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