Thomas Mann Baynes

Canterbury Cathedral by Thomas Mann Baynes

Thomas Mann Baynes (1794–1876) was an English artist and lithographer.[1] He is known for his drawings and watercolours of landscapes, buildings and outdoor events.


He was London born, and is probably the son of James Baynes, a noted watercolour artist.[1] He produced views of Liverpool and Ireland, and appears to have made a successful living as a printer.


Phenakistiscope disc (animated) Running rats, Fantascope by T.M. Baynes, 1833

Thomas Mann Baynes' works include:

  • Views on the River Thames in London
  • View of the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway From Over the Tunnel, Taken on the Opening Day, May 3, 1830
  • The Giant's Causeway
  • Phenakistiscope discs

Many of his subjects were engraved and published, generally in London. A notable panorama of the River Thames was drawn from nature and engraved on stone.


Fredrick Thomas Baynes (1824–1874) also a watercolour artist, was probably his son.[1]


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