Timeline of aviation

This is a timeline of aviation history, and a list of more detailed aviation timelines. The text in the diagram are clickable links to articles.


Solar ImpulseAirbus A380Space Ship OneAntonov An-225Scaled Composites VoyagerGossamer AlbatrossConcordeSR-71 BlackbirdApollo 11Vostok 1Boeing 707Sputnik 1Space RaceDe Havilland CometSound barrierV-2 rocketBattle of TarantoBattle of BritainThe BlitzWorld War IIHe 178Hindenburg disasterCharles LindberghFirst aerial circumnavigationFokker F.IVChalk's Ocean AirwaysAlcock and BrownCurtiss NC-4Aviation in World War ICoanda-1910Louis BlériotSantos-Dumont DemoiselleShort Brothers14-bisWright Flyer IIIWright FlyerFirst flying machineZeppelinOtto LilienthalAder ÉoleHiram Stevens MaximAirshipJohn J. MontgomerySir George CayleyJohn StringfellowSir George CayleySir George Cayley

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