Timici was a Phoenician, Carthaginian, and Roman town located in present-day Sidi Bu Sayb, Algeria.[1]


Timici is a latinization of the town's Punic name TMKY (𐤕𐤌𐤊‬𐤉).[2][1]


Timici minted its own bronze coins with Punic legends.[2]

Under the Romans, Timici was a native town (civitas) in the province of Mauretania Caesariensis.[3]

The town was previously identified with the ruins at Aïn Témouchent,[4] which were actually the remnants of Roman Albulae.


Timici was the seat of a Christian bishop in antiquity. Three of them appear in the surviving historical record. The title fell into abeyance during the Islamic conquest of the Maghreb but was revived as a Roman Catholic titular see (Latin: Dioecesis Timicitana) in the 20th century.[5][6]

List of bishops



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