Timofei Moșneaga

Timofei Moșneaga
Minister of Health
In office
5 April 1994 – 24 January 1997
PresidentMircea Snegur
Petru Lucinschi
Prime MinisterAndrei Sangheli
Preceded byGheorghe Ghidirim
Succeeded byMihai Magdei
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
2nd legislature
In office
27 February 1994 – 5 April 1994
Succeeded byLeonid Tabără
People's Deputy of the Soviet Union
In office
26 March 1989 – 26 December 1991
ConstituencyChișinău, District № 257
Personal details
Born6 March 1932
Corjova, Moldavian ASSR, Soviet Union
(now Moldova)
Died1 June 2014(2014-06-01) (aged 82)
Chișinău, Moldova
Citizenship Soviet Union
Other political
Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1953–1991)
Alma materChișinău State Institute of Medicine
Known forDirector of the Republican Clinical Hospital (1960–2003)
AwardsMD Orden of Republicl Rib.png Order of the Republic
Order of Lenin ribbon bar.png Order of Lenin
SU Order of the Red Banner of Labour ribbon.svg Order of the Red Banner of Labour
SU Order of the Badge of Honour ribbon.svg Order of the Badge of Honour
MedalNicolaeTestemitanu.png Nicolae Testemițanu Medal
SU Medal For Labour Valour ribbon.svg Medal "For Labour Valour"

Timofei Moșneaga (Romanian pronunciation: [tiˈmoˈfej moʃˈne̯aˈga]; 6 March 1932 – 1 June 2014) was a Moldovan physician and public figure who served as the Minister of Health of Moldova from 1994 to 1997. He was the Director of the Republican Clinical Hospital of Moldova (RCH) for 43 years (1960–2003). As of 2017, the RCH is named after him.

Early life

Timofei Moșneaga was born on 6 March 1932 in Corjova, Dubăsari district to Vasile and Eufrosenia Moșneaga. He was one of eight children, having four sisters and three brothers.

He attended the primary school in his home village, then – the secondary school in Dubăsari. In the period 1947–1950 he attended the School of Medical Assistants in Bender and, after graduation – the Faculty of General Medicine of Chișinău State Institute of Medicine (CSIM). In 1959, after he had obtained his medical diploma, Timofei Moșneaga was admitted to doctoral studies. Shortly after finishing his studies, he defended the MD thesis in medical sciences and afterwards was conferred the academic rank of Associate Professor.

Professional career

Timofei Moșnega with then President Petru Lucinschi at the RCH (2000)

In 1960, at the age of 27, he was appointed Director of Republican Clinical Hospital (RCH). Timofei Moșneaga held this position for over four decades and brought an essential contribution to the development of the institution. The old hospital located in adapted buildings during the post-war period did not meet the standards in specialized assistance. Therefore, the new Director became interested in building a new hospital. Finally, after considerable efforts, the hospital was put into operation.

Shortly, specialized departments for patients with somatic and surgical diseases endowed with up-to-date medical technologies, including equipment for the modern method of lithotripsy of kidney stones opened at the RCH. Departments of gastric surgery, proctology, vascular surgery, paediatric cardiac surgery and endoscopic surgery were established in the surgical building. The Department of Medical Diagnosis was equipped with up-to-date equipment, thus, establishing offices of magnetic resonance tomography, the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology, Bacteriological Laboratory, the Department of Angiography of Peripheral Vessels and Cardioangiography.

Bust on the Alley of Brilliant Scientists and Doctors (Chișinău)

Timofei Moșneaga brought a great contribution to the creation of proper conditions for teaching, scientific and clinical activities carried out at 15 chairs of the CSIM.

He has published circa 150 scientific papers, including 3 monographs, as well as educated 16 Doctors of Medicine.

In 1980 Moldovan filmmaker Anatol Codru produced a biopic about Timofei Moșneaga titled My Life's Dream.

For the design and construction of the new building of the Republican Clinical Hospital, Timofei Moșneaga was awarded the title of Laureate of the State Prize of the Moldavian SSR in literature, arts and architecture (1982).

In 2002, in honour of the 185th anniversary of the Republican Clinical Hospital's foundation, as well as the 70th birthday of head physician Moșneaga, Moldovan publicist Ion Stici wrote a biography titled Timofei Moșneaga – The People's Doctor.

For outstanding merits in his professional activity, Timofei Moșneaga was awarded the honorary titles of Doctor Emeritus of the Moldavian SSR, People's Doctor of the USSR and received high state distinctions, among which the Order of the Republic. In 2003 he was awarded the title of Honorary Director of the Republican Clinical Hospital.

Political career

He joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1953. In 1957, he was elected Member of the Chișinău City Council.

In 1989, Timofei Moșneaga was elected Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and was member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Following Moldova's proclamation of independence, he was appointed leader of the group of special observers in the State Council of the USSR.

In 1994, he was elected Member of the Moldovan Parliament, being part of the Committee for Social Protection, Healthcare and Ecology.

In the period 1994–1997, Timofei Moșneaga held the office of Minister of Health of the Republic of Moldova.


Bas-relief at the Timofei Moșneaga RCH

Timofei Moșneaga passed away on 1 June 2014 in Chișinău.

His bust stands among 39 other distinguished Moldovan doctors on the Alley of Brilliant Scientists and Doctors in Chișinău, near the Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

As of 19 July 2017, in accordance with the Moldovan Cabinet's decision, the Republican Clinical Hospital bears the name of Timofei Moșneaga.

On 6 October 2017, in honour of the RCH's 200 year anniversary, a bas-relief commemorating Timofei Moșneaga was installed at the hospital's main entrance.

The law should be obeyed by everyone, no matter their social status. And one's responsibility towards the law should be identical.

— Timofei Moșneaga

Personal life

Timofei Moșneaga was married to Maria Moșneaga (née Burlaca) an obstetrician-gynaecologist, Doctor of Medicine, recipient of the Order of Work Glory. They had two sons.

Honours and awards


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