Tipasa in Numidia

Tipasa, distinguished as Tipasa in Numidia, was a town in the Roman province of Numidia in North Africa. Its ruins are located 957 meters (3,140 ft) above sea level near present-day Tifesh in Constantine Province, Algeria, 88 kilometers (55 mi) south of Annaba.


Tipasa was a Carthaginian trading post under the name ṬPʿTN (Punic: 𐤈‬𐤐‬𐤏‬𐤕‬𐤍).[1] It was connected with the port Hippo Regius by a road; they struck their coins in common.[1]

It was taken over by the Roman Republic at some point after the Punic Wars.

Roman Northwest Africa, including Tipasa in Numidia


The chief ruin is Tipasa's extensive fortress, which had walls 3 meters (10 ft) thick.



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