Tribune de Genève

Tribune de Genève
(English: Geneva Tribune)
Une tg 1879.jpg
First edition of Tribune de Genève, 1879
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)James T. Bates
EditorPierre Ruetschi
Founded1 February 1879 (1879-02-01)
Headquarters11, rue des Rois
CH-1204 Geneva, Switzerland
Circulation56,333 (2009)
Sister newspapers24 heures (English: 24 Hours)
OCLC number31882232
Websitetdg.ch (in French)

The Tribune de Genève (English: Geneva Tribune) is a Swiss French-language, regional daily newspaper, published in Berliner format by Edipresse in Geneva.

History and operations

Tribune de Genève Airship

The Tribune de Genève was first published by James T. Bates on 1 February 1879.[1] The paper is headquartered in Geneva.[1]

The circulation of the Tribune de Genève was 67,151 copies in 2006.[2] The newspaper had a circulation of 67,151 copies and a readership of 175,000 as of 2007.[3] In 2009 the circulation of the paper was 56,333 copies.[4]

It shares some of its content with 24 heures (English: 24 Hours), Edipresse's regional newspaper for the Canton of Vaud.

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