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Ukrainian names are given names that originated in Ukraine. In addition to the given names, Ukrainians also have patronymic and family names (surnames; see: Ukrainian surnames).

Ukrainian given names

Diminutive and hypocoristic forms native to the Ukrainian language have either an empty inflexional suffix (Гринь, Сень) or the affixes -o, -e, -ik (Славко, Грицько, Славця, Грицуня, Андрійчик, Петрик).

As in most cultures, a person has a given name chosen by parents. First names in East-Slavic languages mostly originate from one of three sources: Orthodox church tradition (which derives from sources of Greek origin), Catholic church tradition (of Latin origin), or native pre-Christian Slavic origins. Most names have several diminutive forms.

Popular Ukrainian male given names

Popular Ukrainian female given names

Other popular given names include: Levko, etc.

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