Unified Team at the Paralympics

Unified Team at the
Paralympic flag (1988-1994).svg
The Unified Team used the Paralympic symbol
in place of a national flag
Summer appearances
Winter appearances
Other related appearances
 Soviet Union (1988)
 Belarus (1994–)
 Kazakhstan (1994–)
 Russia (1994–)
 Armenia (1996–)
 Azerbaijan (1996–)
 Kyrgyzstan (1996–)
 Moldova (1996–)
 Ukraine (1996–)
 Turkmenistan (2000–)
 Tajikistan (2004–)
 Uzbekistan (2004–)

The Unified Team was the name used for the sports team of 11 former constituent republics of the Soviet Union[1] (excluding Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, and Lithuania) at the 1992 Winter Paralympics in Albertville[2] and the 1992 Summer Paralympics in Barcelona.[3] The IOC country code was EUN, after the French name, Équipe Unifiée.

The Paralympic Flag was used in place of a national flag at the Opening Ceremony and at medals ceremonies, and the Paralympic Hymn was played for gold medallists.


For details of the Unified Team's participation, see:

Participating countries

The Unified Team's participating countries in the Summer games and the IOC codes used by them in subsequent Paralympics
Country (former
Soviet republic)
IOC code
 Armenia ARM
 Azerbaijan AZE
 Belarus BLR
 Kazakhstan KAZ
 Kyrgyzstan KGZ
 Moldova MDA
 Russia RUS
 Tajikistan TJK
 Turkmenistan TKM
 Ukraine UKR
 Uzbekistan UZB


  • The Unified Team finished third to the United States and Germany in the overall medal tally at Albertville with 10 golds, 8 silvers, and 3 bronzes; 21 medals in total[1]
  • The team finished eighth at Barcelona with 16 golds, 14 silvers, and 15 bronzes; 45 medals in total

(Note, however, that the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) does not officially recognise national medal totals.)


Athletes competing for the Unified team at the 1992 Summer and 1992 Winter Paralympic Games.[4]

Summer Games


Winter Games


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