Union of Arab National Olympic Committees

Union of Arab National Olympic Committees
إتحاد اللجان الأولمبية الوطنية العربية
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Countries members
FormationMay 1976
TypeSports federation
HeadquartersSaudi Arabia Riyadh
22 National Olympic Committees
Official language
Nawaf bin Faisal

The Union of Arab National Olympic Committees (acronym: UANOC; Arabic: إتحاد اللجان الأولمبية الوطنية العربية‎) is an international organization that unites the 22 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of the Arab world. It is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


In May 1976, in a conference of Arab olympic committees held in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), members decided to establish a union called the Arab Sports Confederation (ASC). The goals of the confederation are the advancement of the Olympic movement and sports in the Arab countries, develop and maintain the rules and principles of the Olympic, encourage and protect the hobby, as well as cooperation with the Arab and international sports organizations. Riyadh was chosen as the headquarters of the confederation and Prince Faisal bin Fahd was elected as its President until his death in 1999. The Arab Sports Confederation changed its name to Union of Arab National Olympic Committees (UANOC) in 2008.[1]


The most important activities of the union, attend international and continental meetings that act for youth and sports both, contribute to the organization of Arab sports tournaments, supervision and the establishment of tournaments, seminars, sports medicine and sports media, management and administration and sports photography.

Member countries

Nation Code National Olympic Committee Created Ref.
 Algeria ALG Algerian Olympic Committee 1963/1964 [2]
 Bahrain BRN Bahrain Olympic Committee 1978/1979 [3]
 Comoros COM Comité Olympique et Sportif des Iles Comores 1979/1993 [4]
 Djibouti DJI Comité National Olympique Djiboutien 1983/1984 [5]
 Egypt EGY Egyptian Olympic Committee 1910 [6]
 Iraq IRQ National Olympic Committee of Iraq 1948 [7]
 Jordan JOR Jordan Olympic Committee 1957/1963 [8]
 Kuwait KUW Kuwait Olympic Committee 1957/1966 [9]
 Lebanon LBN Lebanese Olympic Committee 1947/1948 [10]
 Libya LBA Libyan Olympic Committee 1962/1963 [11]
 Mauritania MTN Comité National Olympique et Sportif Mauritanien 1962/1979 [12]
 Morocco MAR Moroccan Olympic Committee 1959 [13]
 Oman OMA Oman Olympic Committee 1982 [14]
 Palestine PLE Palestine Olympic Committee 1995 [15]
 Qatar QAT Qatar Olympic Committee 1979/1980 [16]
 Saudi Arabia KSA Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee 1964/1965 [17]
 Somalia SOM Somali Olympic Committee 1959/1972 [18]
 Sudan SUD Sudan Olympic Committee 1956/1959 [19]
 Syria SYR Syrian Olympic Committee 1948 [20]
 Tunisia TUN Tunisian Olympic Committee 1957 [21]
 United Arab Emirates UAE United Arab Emirates National Olympic Committee 1979/1980 [22]
 Yemen YEM Yemen Olympic Committee 1971/1981 [23]


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