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VTR Comunicaciones SpA
TypeSubsidiary of Liberty Latin America[1]
PredecessorVía Trans Radio Chilena
FoundedMarch 15, 1928
HeadquartersAv. Apoquindo Nº4800, Las Condes, ,
Area served
All regions of Chile
Key people
David Leonard, Guillermo Ponce
Cable television
mobile telephony
ParentLiberty Latin America

VTR Comunicaciones SpA is a Chilean telecommunications company. It is the country's largest provider of subscription television, with 1,065,675 subscribers (32.8% market share, as of September 2017),[2] and of fixed broadband Internet access (38.0% share, as of September 2017).[3] It is also the second largest provider of fixed telephone service (20.0%, as of September 2017), behind Telefónica.[4] It also has a small but growing participation (0.90%, as of September 2017) in the mobile phone business.[5]

It is wholly owned by Liberty Latin America following the split of Liberty Latin America from Liberty Global effective December 29, 2017;[6] Grupo Saieh's CorpGroup previously owned 20% until March 2014 when Liberty Global acquired the remaining 20% it didn't own.[7][8]

VTR also owns Bazuca.com, a video rental services company, and —together with Turner Broadcasting SystemCNN Chile, a 24-hour news channel based in Santiago.[8]


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