Vadim Vacarciuc

Vadim Vacarciuc
Personal information
BornOctober 1, 1972

Vadim Vacarciuc (born October 1, 1972 in Răuțel, Făleşti) is a retired male weightlifter from Moldova. He competed in four consecutive Summer Olympics for his native Eastern European country, starting in 1996.

Vacarciuc is best known for winning the silver medal in the men's light-heavyweight division (– 94 kg) at the 2000 European Weightlifting Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. He twice carried the flag for Moldova at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics: in 1996 and 2000.

Political activity

Vacarciuc is a member of the Liberal Party of Moldova. In April 2009 polls, he became one of the party's MPs and in the July 2009 polls, he was re-elected. He joined the Liberal Party Reform Council in 2013.


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