Veaceslav Ioniță

Veaceslav Pavel Ioniţă
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
Assumed office
Personal details
Born (1973-10-04) 4 October 1973 (age 46)
Political partyLiberal Democratic Party
Alliance for European Integration (2009–present)

Veaceslav Pavel Ioniţă (born 4 October 1973 in Străşeni) is an economist and politician from Moldova.

Life and career

Following attendance at the Străşeni general school, he graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM). He is currently a lecturer in the Social Management Department of AESM and an expert on economic issues with the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS Viitorul). He is also the author of numerous publications related to public administration, public finance, fiscal decentralization, etc. Veceslav Ioniţă is an Associate Professor of economics and an expert on economic issues in Moldova. He has been a member of the Parliament of Moldova since 2009.


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  • Ghidul oraşelor din republica Moldova, Chişinău 2004
  • Regulatory Governance in SEE Countries: Progress and Challenges, OECD 2004
  • Основы государственного администрирования, Chişinău 2001.
  • Managementul administraţiei publice. Manual, A.S.E.M., Chişinău 1999.
  • Studii de caz. Îndrumar metodic la disciplina "Bazele managementului". A.S.E.M., Chişinău 1998.[1]


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