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Limbourg, fisherman in the Vesdre river
Course of the Vesdre
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
50°36′42″N 5°36′49″E / 50.6116°N 5.6135°E / 50.6116; 5.6135Coordinates: 50°36′42″N 5°36′49″E / 50.6116°N 5.6135°E / 50.6116; 5.6135
Length63.7 km (39.6 mi) [1]
Basin size695 km2 (268 sq mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionOurtheMeuseNorth Sea
 ⁃ leftHill, Gileppe, Hoëgne

The Vesdre (French) or Weser (German) and Vesder (Dutch) is a river in eastern Belgium, in the province of Liège. A few kilometers of the upper reaches also flow through the german municipality Roetgen.[2] The Vesdre's total length is approximately 64 kilometres (40 mi). It is a right tributary to the river Ourthe. Its source lies in the High Fens (Hautes Fagnes, Hohes Venn, Hoge Venen), close to the border with Germany near Monschau. It flows through an artificial lake (Lake Eupen), and then through the towns Eupen, Verviers, Pepinster and Chaudfontaine. The Vesdre flows into the Ourthe a few kilometers from Liège.

The water of the Vesdre has a high acidity (due to the Hautes Fagnes bogs), which made it very suitable for the textiles industry around Verviers. The Vesdre was the far eastern end of the sillon industriel, the backbone of Walloon industry. Nowadays, the water of the Vesdre is mainly used as drinking water.


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