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Pennant of a French vice-amiral d'escadre

Squadron vice-admiral (French: Vice-amiral d'escadre) is a naval rank found in navies of the world which follow the French tradition of naval ranks. The squadron vice-admiral leads a squadron and is typically senior to a vice-admiral and junior to an admiral. In that sense, it is close to Lieutenant admiral as a literal translation of the corresponding designation. 

This translation is not often used in practice, as the rank is usually kept in the original language or rendered as vice-admiral. The main navy to use the rank of squadron vice-admiral is the French Navy (vice-amiral d'escadre), where it is a three-star rank with a NATO code of OF-8, equivalent to corps general or lieutenant general in seniority. Officially, it is not a rank, but a style and position (rang et appelation in French) bestowed upon some vice-admiral (which is the highest actual substantive rank and is a three-star rank with NATO code OF-7 equivalent to rear admiral (upper half) or major general).

In other countries, this corresponds to Ammiraglio di squadra (equivalent to OF-8) such as the Italian Navy.

Other countries

Equivalent to OF-8

  • Colombia (Almirante de Escuadra)
  • Italy (Ammiraglio di squadra)
  • Poland (Admirał floty)

Equivalent to OF-9

  • Brazil (Almirante-de-Esquadra)
  • Italy (Ammiraglio di squadra con incarichi speciali)

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