Monument to the Victims of the Soviet Occupation Redirected from Victims of Communism Memorial, Chişinău

Monument to the Victims of the Soviet Occupation
Stonememory to the Victims of the Soviet Occupation.jpg
Coordinates47°01′32″N 28°49′39″E / 47.02562°N 28.82741°E / 47.02562; 28.82741Coordinates: 47°01′32″N 28°49′39″E / 47.02562°N 28.82741°E / 47.02562; 28.82741
LocationCentral Chişinău
Beginning date2010
Opening dateJune 28, 2010
Dedicated toVictims of Soviet Occupation

The Monument to the Victims of the Soviet Occupation (Romanian: Monument în memoria victimelor ocupaţiei sovietice) is a proposed monument in Chişinău, Moldova.

A commemorative stone was unveiled on 28 June 2010, as a monument to the victims of the Soviet occupation and the totalitarian communist regime, Soviet Occupation Day in Moldova.[1] It is located on Great National Assembly Square, formerly known as Victory Square and once home to the central monument to Lenin of Soviet Moldavia. It is prominent in front of Government House, originally the seat of the Council of Ministers of the Moldavian SSR and now of the Cabinet of Moldova.[2][3] In English, the inscription on the stone reads:

In this place will be built a monument in memory of the victims of Soviet occupation and the totalitarian communist regime.


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