Virginia Lee Corbin

Virginia Lee Corbin
Born(1910-12-05)December 5, 1910
DiedJune 5, 1942(1942-06-05) (aged 31)
Cause of deathtuberculosis
Years active1913 - 1931
Spouse(s)Theodore Krol (1929-1937; divorced); 2 children
Charles Jacobson (193?-1942; her death)
ChildrenPhillip Harold (b. 1932)
Robert Lee (b. 1935)

Virginia Lee Corbin (December 5, 1910 - June 4, 1942)[1] was an American silent film actress. Corbin began her career as a child actress in 1916, when she was billed as Baby Virginia Corbin,[2] and went on to become a youthful flapper in the 1920s. She was one of the many silent stars that would not make it in the sound era, and retired from acting in the early 1930s.[3]

She married Chicago stockbroker Theodore Krol in 1929 and they had two children, Phillip and Robert. They divorced in 1937 and shortly after she married another Chicago stockbroker, Charles Jacobson.[4]

She died at age 31 from tuberculosis.

Selected filmography


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Further reading

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