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Vladimir Ţurcan
Vladimir Țurcan (Accent TV, 16 Oct 2015).png
President of the Constitutional Court
Assumed office
19 August 2019
Preceded byMihai Poalelungi
First Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
12 May 2009 – 28 August 2009
PresidentVladimir Voronin
Prime MinisterZinaida Greceanîi
Succeeded bySerafim Urechean
Minister of Internal Affairs
In office
21 December 1999 – 19 April 2001
PresidentPetru Lucinschi
Vladimir Voronin
Prime MinisterDumitru Braghiș
Preceded byVictor Catan
Succeeded byVasile Drăgănel
Personal details
Born (1954-10-14) 14 October 1954 (age 65)
Slobozia, Moldova
Political partyUnited Moldova Party

Vladimir Ţurcan (born October 14, 1954 in Slobozia, Moldova) is a Moldovan politician.


He has been a member of the Parliament of Moldova since 2009.

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