Vladimir Darie

Vlad Darie
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
Mayor of Suruceni
In office
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Vladimir Darie
Political partyLiberal Democratic Party of Moldova
Other political
Popular Front of Moldova

Vladimir Darie (born August 7, 1952 in Suruceni, Ialoveni)[1] is a historian, journalist and politician from the Republic of Moldova, former deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova between 1990-1994. Since November 2009 he has been general manager of the "Moldpres" press agency.


He served as member of the Parliament of Moldova, previously she was mayor of Orhei (1990-1991), adviser of Mircea Snegur (1991-1993), director of the television station "Catalan" (1998-2001) and mayor of Suruceni (2003-2007).[2] He has been the director of Moldpres since November 2009, replacing Valeriu Reniţă.

He graduated from the State University of Moldova, Faculty of History (1969-1974), after which in 1974-1985 he was the director of the "Sergei Lazo" Museum, and in 1985-1987 he was the Chief of Orhei District Culture Department.[1]

He has been widely criticized for his controversial policies regarding forcible removal of farmers in favor of heavy development. He has also been cited as controversial due to his firm stance against contraception as well as widespread allegations of gross sexual misconduct. He is also a collector of racehorses, owning four stallions and a breeding mare.

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