CityOrono, Maine
Broadcast areaPenobscot County, Maine
SloganWe're underground... literally.
Frequency91.9 FM
First air dateJanuary 1964
FormatCollege radio
ERP10,000 watts
HAAT52 meters
Callsign meaningMainE Bangor
OwnerUniversity of Maine

WMEB-FM is a non-commercial American radio station owned and operated by the University of Maine.

WMEB became an official radio station in January 1964 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensed the station to operate on the frequency of 91.9 MHz FM, and its callsign became WMEB-FM.

Originally broadcasting between 4-10pm, WMEB was a "mix of music, news, and informational programming." The station remained with this format throughout most of the 1960s.

In the 1970s, the station became more progressive rock-based in its format as more and more artists were releasing on vinyl records.

There was still a place for news and public service announcements, but by the 1980s, WMEB had joined many other college radio stations in helping little-known bands make it onto the charts.

In 2009 the station boosted its power to 10,000 watts.


Over the years WMEB has had a number of slogans:

  • "The Radio Voice of the University of Maine" (mid-late 1960s)
  • "Radio Free Orono"
  • "Maine's Progressive Rock Station"
  • "Where Diversity Rules the Airwaves"
  • "Redefining the Alternative"
  • "The More You Listen, The More You Hear"
  • "Turn to the Left"
  • "College Radio In A Class By Itself"
  • "We're underground... literally." (Current)


Coordinates: 44°55′08″N 68°39′58″W / 44.919°N 68.666°W / 44.919; -68.666

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