Waha is a Belgian village located in the Province of Luxembourg in Wallonia. In 1977 the village merged with Aye, Hargimon, Humain, Marche-en-Famenne, Marloie, On, Champlon and Roy to form the municipality of Marche-en-Famenne.

Waha, church tower St-Etienne
Dedicatory stone commemorating the consecration of St. Stephen's church by Theodwin of Liège on June 20, 1050


The name "Waha" comes from the Celtic proper name "Wachart". The Latin name of the location was "Wachardi mansus", meaning "Wachart's dwelling".


Waha in the 10th century belonged to the territory of count Immon. The first church was built only 100 meters from the present church and was dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours. In 1050 the present church of Saint Étienne was dedicated by Theodwin, prince-bishop of Liège.

The collegiate chapter of Saint Étienne was dissolved during the time of the French First Republic.

Art historical significance

The church of Saint Étienne in Waha is one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Belgium. The nave of the church is only four arches long. The choir has a rectangular shape and is unvaulted. It is also lower than the nave ceiling, which is not uncommon in early Mosan architecture. The westwork tower is slightly younger than the rest of the church.

In 1956-1957 the church underwent major restoration work as well as art historical investigation. It was then that the dedication stone from 1050 was found. There are also some sculptures by the Master of Waha in the church. The church's greatest treasure is the reliquary shrine of Saint Étienne.


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