Wedding in Galilee

Wedding in Galilee
Wedding in Galilee.jpg
Directed byMichel Khleifi
Produced byMichel Khleifi, Bernard Lorain, Jacqueline Louis
Written byMichel Khleifi
Music byJean-Marie Sénia
Edited byMarie Castro-Vasquez
Running time
Israel: 100 min
United States: 113 min
CountryFrance, Belgium
LanguageArabic, Hebrew, Turkish

Wedding in Galilee (also known as Arabic عرس الجليل, transliteration Urs al-Jalil) is a 1987 film directed by Michel Khleifi. It was awarded the International Critics Prize at Cannes in 1987.


The film takes place in a Galilean Palestinian village ruled by an Israeli military governor, following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. At the start of the film the village is under a curfew. The village mayor, muktar, wants to celebrate his son's wedding with the traditional elaborate ceremony despite the curfew. The Israeli military governor initially refuses, but finally allows the wedding to take place on the condition that he and his staff are invited.


  • Mohamad Ali El Akili - Mukhtar
  • Bushra Karaman - Mother
  • Makram Khoury - The governor
  • Yussuf Abu-Warda - Bacem (as Youssef Abou Warda)
  • Anna Achdian- Bride
  • Nazih Akleh - Groom
  • Sonia Amar - Soumaya
  • Eyad Anis - Hassan
  • Waël Barghouti - Ziad
  • Juliano Mer - Officer
  • Ian Chemi - Officer 2
  • Tali Dorat - Soldier
  • Ali Al Akili



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