West Hills College Lemoore


West Hills College Lemoore
MottoOnce You Go Here, You Can Go Anywhere
TypeCalifornia Community College
PresidentDr. Kristin Clark
555 College Avenue, Lemoore
, ,
36°17′33″N 119°49′26″W / 36.2924°N 119.8239°W / 36.2924; -119.8239Coordinates: 36°17′33″N 119°49′26″W / 36.2924°N 119.8239°W / 36.2924; -119.8239
ColorsBlue and Gold         
AthleticsSoccer, Golf, Wrestling, Cross Country, Basketball
MascotGolden Eagles

West Hills College Lemoore is a public two-year community college built in 2002 and serving students in the San Joaquin Valley. In addition, classes are offered at Lemoore Naval Air Station. West Hills College Lemoore is part of West Hills Community College District.

Classes from California State University, Fresno are videoconferenced in the campus and Fresno Pacific University offers two bachelor's degree programs on the campus.

West Hills College Lemoore offers soccer, golf and cross country for both men and women, basketball for women, and wrestling for men.

West Hills College Lemoore is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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