Wilmès Government

Wilmès Government
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96th cabinet of Belgium (since 1830)
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Date formed27 October 2019
People and organisations
Head of statePhilippe of Belgium
Head of governmentSophie Wilmès
No. of ministers12
Member parties
Status in legislatureCaretaker cabinet
Election(s)2014 Belgian federal election
Legislature term(s)2014-2019
  • 18 July 2019
  • continuing resolution (3rd)
PredecessorMichel II

The Wilmès Government is the current caretaker[1] Federal Government of Belgium, led by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, the first ever female Prime Minister of Belgium.

The creation of the Wilmès Government was announced on 26 October 2019, when previous Prime Minister Charles Michel announced he would be succeeded by Sophie Wilmès ultimately on 1 November 2019, effectively forming a new government.[2] Charles Michel left his post as he had been elected to become the next President of the European Council as from 1 December 2019 and wanted to have sufficient time to prepare for his role as President of the European Council hence leaving already by November.

The Wilmès Government is governing as a caretaker government, until a new cabinet is formed based on the results of the federal elections of 26 May 2019, for which negotiations are still ongoing. Hence the government is a continuation of the centre minority coalition cabinet of Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V), the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vld) and the Reformist Movement (MR) which together constituted the Michel II Government.


The composition of the government is similar to that of the Michel II Government, with the only differences being Sophie Wilmès taking over the role of Charles Michel as Prime Minister and David Clarinval coming in to replace Wilmès as Minister of Budget, Civil Service, National Lottery and Scientific Policy.

Minister Name Party
Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès MR
Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Justice and Director of Buildings Koen Geens CD&V
Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Beliris and European Affairs Didier Reynders MR
Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Development Cooperation, Finance and fighting Fiscal Fraud Alexander De Croo Open VLD
Minister of Administrative Simplification, Digital Agenda, Postal Services and Telecom Philippe De Backer Open VLD
Minister of the Interior and Safety Pieter De Crem CD&V
Minister of Asylum, Migration, Health and Social Affairs Maggie De Block Open VLD
Minister of Consumer Affairs, Disabled Persons, Economy, Employment, Equal Rights and Fighting Poverty Nathalie Muylle CD&V
Minister of the Middle Class, SMEs, Self-employed, Agriculture, Social Integration and Urban Policy Denis Ducarme MR
Minister of Budget, Civil Service, National Lottery and Scientific Policy David Clarinval MR
Minister of Pensions Daniel Bacquelaine MR
Minister of Mobility and the National Railway Company François Bellot MR
Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Marie-Christine Marghem MR


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