Wuzhou Wu

Wuzhou Wu
Native toPeople's Republic of China
Native speakers
(4 million cited 1987)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
ISO 639-6wzou

Wuzhou Wu (婺州話 or 務州片) is a Southern Wu Chinese language spoken in and around Jinhua in Zhejiang province. It is at best only poorly intelligible with Taihu Wu. Wuzhou Wu is named after the ancient Wuzhou County that existed in modern-day Jinhua.


Jinhua is the chief and representative dialect of Wuzhou.

  • Jinhua dialect
  • Lanxi dialect
  • Pujiang dialect
  • Yiwu dialect
  • Dongyang dialect
  • Pan'an dialect
  • Yongkang dialect
  • Wuyi dialect
  • Jiande dialect


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