Xakriabá language

Native toBrazil
RegionMinas Gerais
Ethnicityformerly Xakriabá people
Language codes
ISO 639-3xkr

Xakriabá (also written Chakriaba, Chikriaba, Shacriaba) is an extinct or dormant Akuwẽ (Central Jê) language (, Macro-Jê) formerly spoken in Minas Gerais, Brazil by the Xakriabá people, who today speak Portuguese.[2] The language is known through two short wordlists collected by Augustin Saint-Hilaire and Wilhelm Ludwig von Eschwege.[3]:14

The last confirmed native speaker of the language died in 1864.[citation needed]


Before 1712, Xakriabá was originally spoken along the São Francisco River near São Romão, Minas Gerais[4] (Saint-Hilaire 2000: 340-341).[5] The Xakriabá were then forced to migrate after being defeated by Matias Cardoso de Almeida [pt] and other Paulistas from 1690 onwards. In 1819, Saint-Hilaire (1975: 145)[6] noted that the Xakriabá of Triângulo Mineiro region spoke a Xerente dialect.[4]


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