Yong-Xun Yue

Yong-Xun Yue
Jungcam Yut
Native toPeople's Republic of China
Native speakers
5 million (1998)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
ISO 639-6yoxu
Glottologyong1286  Yongxun
Ping and Yue dialect map.svg
 Yong-Xun (left), among other Yue and Pinghua groups in Guangxi and Guangdong. Nanning and Baise are marked as parts of Pinghua speaking area, but Yong-Xun Yue is also spoken in the urban districts of them.

Yong–Xun (Jyutping: Jung1 cam4, 邕潯方言), is a western branch of Yue Chinese spoken in some cities and towns in Guangxi province, including Nanning, Yongning, Guiping, Chongzuo, Ningming, Hengzhou, Baise, etc. This branch originates from Guangfu Yue and is therefore close to Standard Cantonese. It also absorbed some phonemes and words from the local languages Pinghua and Zhuang. [2]


Nanning dialect is representative.

  • Nanning dialect
  • Yongning dialect
  • Guiping dialect
  • Chongzuo dialect
  • Ningmin dialect
  • Hengxian dialect
  • Baise dialect


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