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Zanskari, Zaskari, Zangs-dkar, Z’angkar
Native toIndia
RegionZanskar (Ladakh)
Native speakers
12,000 (2000)[1]
Tibetan script
Language codes
ISO 639-3zau

Zangskari (Zanskari, Zaskari) is an endangered Tibetic language. It is mostly spoken in Zanskar in Union Territory of Ladakh, India and also spoken by the Buddhists in the upper reaches of Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh and Paddar J&K.[2] It is written using the Tibetan script.[3]

Zangskari is divided into four homogenous groups, namely Oot (Stod) or Upper Zanskari spoken along the Doda River, Zhung (Gžun) or Central Zanskari mostly spoken in Fadum valley, Sham (Gšam) or Lower Zanskari follows the lower portions of Zanskar River and lastly Lungnak (Luŋnag) along the upper Zanskar River region.[4]


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