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Case or CASE may refer to:


  • Case (goods), a package of related merchandise
  • Case, the metallic enclosure component in modern firearm cartridges
  • Bookcase, a piece of furniture used to store books
  • Briefcase or attaché case, a narrow hard-sided box used mainly for carrying paper documents
  • Computer case, enclosure that contains the main components of a computer
  • Keep case, a DVD or CD storage case
  • Pencil case
  • Road case or flight case, a shipping container specifically built to protect sensitive equipment in transit
  • Shipping container, also referred to as a packing case
  • Suitcase, a form of luggage
  • Type case, a compartmentalized wooden box used to store movable type used in letterpress printing


In the United States


  • Case del Conte, an Italian village and hamlet of Montecorice (SA), Campania


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