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Letter, letters, or literature may refer to:

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  • Letter (message), a form of written communication; see also mail
  • Letters, the collected correspondence of a writer or historically significant person
    • Maktubat (disambiguation), the Arabic word for collected letters
    • Pauline epistles, addressed by St. Paul to various communities or congregations, such as "Letters to the Galatians" or "Letters to the Corinthians", and part of the canonical books of the Bible
  • The letter as a form of second-person literature; see Epistle
  • Open letter, a public letter as distinguished from private correspondence
  • Letter to the editor, a letter sent to a newspaper, magazine, or online publication by one of its readers and meant to be published
  • Encyclical letter in the Catholic Church
  • Letter (paper size), paper conventionally sized for letter-writing


  • Letters, an obsolete synecdoche for literacy; e.g. "He knows his letters"
  • Literature as in Letters, Arts and Sciences
  • Varsity letter, an award given in the U.S. for interscholastic or intercollegiate merit in a sport or other activity such as band or orchestra

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