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Private company
Founded2008; 11 years ago (2008)
FoundersMark Loney, Mark Richer and William MacDonald
HeadquartersWatford, Hertfordshire
Number of employees
200 (2017)

StarLeaf is a UK-based company that provides voice and video conferencing systems for conference rooms and desktops, and software clients for mobile users.


StarLeaf was established in 2008 by Mark Loney, Mark Richer and William MacDonald, who previously founded Codian, a manufacturer of video conferencing infrastructure. In June 2011, StarLeaf launched a range of voice and video conferencing infrastructure and endpoints under the StarLeaf Telepresence brand name.[1] At this time it claimed it had solved the usability, complexity and management issues often associated with traditional video conferencing systems. StarLeaf was the first video manufacturer to move from selling on-premise infrastructure to offering a cloud-based solution.[2] In March 2012 Starleaf launched a conferencing and calling service, delivered from several points of presence around the world. In September 2012 the company discontinued the sale of on-premise equipment and focused solely on the cloud-service model. In 2015, StarLeaf launched a dedicated room system for Skype for Business/Microsoft UC. In 2018, StarLeaf extended this support to Microsoft Teams.[3]

StarLeaf continued to manufacture and expand its range of video endpoints with the introduction of a software client in September 2012, followed by a broader range of meeting room systems in mid 2013.[4]

StarLeaf was named a Deloitte Fast 50 winner in 2015 and again in 2016.[5][6]

In February 2017, Starleaf partnered with ShoreTel in order to enhance the latter's video conferencing capabilities onto its Connect UC platform.[7][8]

In May 2017, StarLeaf received a $40 million funding co-led by Highland Europe and Grafton Capital.[9][10][11] StarLeaf was listed on the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 list of top performing British tech companies in September 2017.[12]

In September 2018, StarLeaf rebranded their room solutions for Microsoft to "Teamline by StarLeaf".[13]


StarLeaf owns and operates a global video communications network and as of July 2018 has fifteen points of presence across North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.[10] The infrastructure on which this network is based was developed by the company and provides a platform for the provision of voice and video services to businesses globally.[14] The range of voice and video endpoints were also developed in-house by the company.[15][16][17]


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