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A good biography article should include all of these items:

  • Where and when the person lived.
  • What they did in life that made them significant enough to be in this encyclopedia.
  • Add at least one explicit category under Category:People possibly including a profession (don't forget a sort tag).

Because of the number of biographical stubs associated with several different sports, the following sport-specific biography stub templates have been created. Please use them where appropriate instead of {{Estonia-sport-bio-stub}}:

  • Archery: {{Estonia-archery-bio-stub}}
  • Athletics (track and field): {{Estonia-athletics-bio-stub}}
  • Badminton: {{Estonia-badminton-bio-stub}}
  • Basketball: {{Estonia-basketball-bio-stub}}
  • Biathlon: {{Estonia-biathlon-bio-stub}}
  • Boxing: {{Estonia-boxing-bio-stub}}
  • Canoeing: {{Estonia-canoe-bio-stub}}
  • Chess: {{Estonia-chess-bio-stub}}
  • Curling: {{Estonia-curling-bio-stub}}
  • Cycling: {{Estonia-cycling-bio-stub}}
  • Fencing: {{Estonia-fencing-bio-stub}}
  • Football (soccer): {{Estonia-footy-bio-stub}}
  • Ice hockey: {{Estonia-icehockey-bio-stub}}
  • Judo: {{Estonia-judo-bio-stub}}
  • Luge: {{Estonia-luge-bio-stub}}
  • Modern pentathlon: {{Estonia-modern-pentathlon-bio-stub}}
  • Rowing: {{Estonia-rowing-bio-stub}}
  • Skating (figure): {{Estonia-figure-skating-bio-stub}}
  • Skiing (alpine): {{Estonia-alpine-skiing-bio-stub}}
  • Skiing (crosscountry): {{Estonia-crosscountry-skiing-bio-stub}}
  • Ski jumping: {{Estonia-skijumping-bio-stub}}
  • Sport shooting: {{Estonia-sportshooting-bio-stub}}
  • Swimming: {{Estonia-swimming-bio-stub}}
  • Table tennis: {{Estonia-tabletennis-bio-stub}}
  • Tennis: {{Estonia-tennis-bio-stub}}
  • Triathlon: {{Estonia-triathlon-bio-stub}}
  • Volleyball: {{Estonia-volleyball-bio-stub}}
  • Weightlifting: {{Estonia-weightlifting-bio-stub}}
  • Winter sport: {{Estonia-wintersport-bio-stub}}
  • Wrestling: {{Estonia-wrestling-bio-stub}}
  • Yacht racing: {{Estonia-yachtracing-bio-stub}}
  • Olympic medalist: {{Estonia-Olympic-medalist-stub}}

For other sports, please also add a stub tag from Category:Sportspeople stubs


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  • Template:Estonia-sport-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-archery-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-badminton-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-basketball-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-boxing-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-canoe-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-chess-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-cycling-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-fencing-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-judo-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-modern-pentathlon-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-rowing-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-sportshooting-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-wrestling-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-swimming-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-tabletennis-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-tennis-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-triathlon-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-volleyball-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-weightlifting-bio-stub
  • Template:Estonia-yachtracing-bio-stub
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