[Category] Radio electronics

This category is for:

  • anything relating to internal circuitry of radio equipment;
  • characteristics of electronic circuits used in audio processing, impedance matching, transmitters, oscillators, or receivers used in radio frequency transmission and;
  • principles, math, or theories used to engineer receiver- and transmitter-related devices and circuits.

For articles related to systems or entire pieces of equipment used in broadcasting, consider Category:Radio. For example, articles about master control, translators, Optimod compressors, or studio-transmitter links belong in the Radio category.

For articles related to systems or entire pieces of equipment used in radio communications networks, consider Category:Wireless. For example, articles about blocking and traffic theory used in trunked radio systems, base stations, AMPS, remote control consoles, or transmitter antenna combiners in two-way radio systems belong in the Wireless category.


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