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Rame TGV 4402 (TGV Lyria) at Paris-Gare-de-Lyon station in May 2018. This train set the world speed record on rails by travelling at 574.8 km/h in 2007
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In rail transport, a train is a vehicle or (more frequently) a string of vehicles capable of being moved along a continuous line of rails or other guideway for the purpose of conveying freight or passengers between points on a predetermined route. The train may be hauled or propelled by one or more vehicles designed exclusively for that purpose (locomotives) or may be driven by a number of motors incorporated in all or several of the vehicles (multiple units).

As of 2017, there are approximately 1,051,767.605 kilometres (653,538.091 mi) of railway track in use worldwide. (World Bank)

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Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad locomotive 550 at Export, PA, in 2016

The Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad (reporting mark TCKR) was a short line freight railroad that operated in western Pennsylvania between the boroughs of Export and Trafford, where it connected to the Pittsburgh Line. The TCKR was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dura-Bond Corporation, a steel products company headquartered in Export. The company purchased the railroad from Conrail (the successor to the Pennsylvania Railroad) in 1982. For the next 27 years, three to five trains per week made the round trip along just over ten miles (16 km) of track, delivering materials such as steel pipe to the shortline's parent company in Export and lumber to lumber yards in neighboring Murrysville. In the shortline's heyday, trains of typically about four cars in length were hauled by one of the railroad's two 1940s era switch engines, operated by a two-man crew. The railroad was in service until 2009, when flash flooding of Turtle Creek severely damaged the TCKR's tracks which ran adjacent to the stream. After cessation of service, most of the right-of-way was sold to Westmoreland County to become part of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail.

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Overhead view of Twyford station in 2013

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February 13
Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad bridge across the Missouri River at Kansas City in 1908


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A Virginia Railway Express passenger train crossing the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac River in 2013
A postcard depicting a passenger train entering the tunnel under Tennessee Pass
UP 4014 leading an excursion train in Echo Canyon, Utah, on May 8, 2019
  • May 2, 2019 – Following an extensive restoration, Union Pacific "Big Boy" locomotive number 4014 is operated on its first test runs under its own power. 4014 had sat idle since its last regular run in July 1959. The restoration was carried out by Union Pacific's Steam Shop with a successful test firing on April 9 and yard movements on May 1. The locomotive is expected to serve as part of UP's steam fleet in excursion service. (Trains.com: 1, 2 3; Railway Age; Union Pacific (press release); Associated Press)
A two-car train at Pike's Peak summit in 2012
  • March 13, 2018 – Following a closure over winter for maintenance, Broadmoor, the operator of the Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway, the highest railway in North America, announces that the railway will remain closed for 2018, and could possibly not reopen. The owners cited the infrastructure age, which was first put in place in 1891, and continuing maintenance as the primary reason for the closure. Cog railway experts from Switzerland have recommended electrifying the line. (News 13; Colorado Springs Independent)


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