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"Dos and don'ts" pages are information pages that summarize Wikipedia policies, guidelines, and formatting standards in bullet points. They present the most important points in a quick list, for the benefit of editors who are not inclined to read the full, authoritative guidance. They are especially useful for highlighting guidance that is unique to Wikipedia.

Keys to a good "dos and don'ts" page

  • To apply a standard format, use the template {{dodont}}.
  • Keep bullets short – for more information, users can always check the full guideline.
  • Only include the most important and non-obvious points from the guideline.
  • Try to keep the "dos" and "don'ts" lists the same length, with 5–8 bullets each.
  • Bold and wikilink the key terms in each bullet.
  • List the most important bullets at the top.
  • Link to a relevant WikiProject, if one exists.
  • Add the page to relevant Wikipedia namespace categories.
  • Include the {{Help Project}} banner, and any other relevant WikiProject banners, on the talk page.

Dos and don'ts pages

Encyclopedia content

Page Shortcut
Accessibility dos and don'ts WP:ACCDD
Biography dos and don'ts WP:BIODD
Biographies of living persons dos and don'ts WP:BLPDD
Categorization dos and don'ts WP:CATDD
Disambiguation dos and don'ts WP:DABDD
Image dos and don'ts WP:IMGDD
Lead dos and don'ts WP:LEADDD
Linking dos and don'ts WP:LINKDD
List dos and don'ts WP:LISTDD
References dos and don'ts WP:REFDD
Table dos and don'ts WP:TABDD
Article title dos and don'ts WP:TITLEDD


Page Shortcut
Consensus dos and don'ts WP:CONDD
Talk dos and don'ts WP:TALKDD

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