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Featured articles' FAQ

What is a featured article?

A long, comprehensive, and well-written article approved by several Wikipedia editors as meeting a set of requirements.

Can I trust a featured article?

Most of it? Yes.
An arbitrarily chosen claim in it? No.
All of it? No.

Misunderstandings and phrasings that are likely to be misunderstood can be added to any Wikipedia article by anyone, and they might not be noticed for a long time.

Can I create a featured article?

If you are good at writing, and know a lot about a specific topic, it's possible. Create an article, ask for feedback to it, and ask if it's good enough to be a featured article. Note that just adding a featured star to an article to pretend it's featured, is not allowed. All featured articles must have an approval at Wikipedia:Featured article candidates.

Can I edit a featured article?

Yes. Many featured articles are, however, semi-protected. This means you need a user account, you must have made at least 10 edits with the account, and the account must be at least 4 days old.

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