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Between August and November 1345 Henry, Earl of Derby, conducted the whirlwind Gascon campaign of 1345. Commanding an Anglo-Gascon force he carried out "the first successful land campaign of... the Hundred Years' War" against the French. He defeated larger French armies in open battle at Bergerac and Auberoche, taking numerous noble and knightly prisoners. In the border region between English-occupied Gascony and French-ruled territory morale and prestige swung England's way following this campaign, providing an influx of taxes and recruits for the English armies. The French lost numerous towns and fortifications and their remaining, large, field army fell apart and was disbanded.

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Featured article Gascon campaign of 1345
Portrait of Henry, Duke of Lancaster - William Bruges's Garter Book (c.1440-1450), f.8 - BL Stowe MS 594 (cropped).jpg
Featured article Battle of Bergerac
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