[Portal] Image dos and don'ts

Images make Wikipedia more informative, accessible, and professional.

In general, when working with images:
Green check.png Review the image style guide and use policy.
Green check.png Give context with captions and alt text.
Green check.png Try to find at least one image for each article.
Green check.png Look for free images.
Green check.png Clean up images: crop, color-correct, etc.
Green check.png Create and upload your own images.
Green check.png Use the best file format for each image.
Green check.png Use objects for scale where helpful.
Green check.pngPlace images in the section to which they are related
Red x.svg Don't upload non-free images.
Red x.svg Don't use images in place of tables or charts.
Red x.svg Don't use images or galleries excessively.
Red x.svg Don't add images that are not relevant.
Red x.svg Don't flip faces, text, or works of art.
Red x.svg Don't set fixed image sizes.
Red x.svg Don't sandwich text between two images.
Red x.svg Don't refer to images by their placement.

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