[Portal] Lead dos and don'ts

The lead, or introduction, is the most important text in any article.

To get the lead right, generally:
Green check.png Be familiar with the style guidance for leads.
Green check.png Identify the subject and reason for its notability early.
Green check.png Put the subject's full and alternate names in bold on first use.
Green check.png Provide context if necessary.
Green check.png Summarize the most important points of the article.
Green check.png Use discretion when putting citations in the lead.

Red x.svg Don't include information that is not covered later on.
Red x.svg Don't promote the subject or use peacock terms.
Red x.svg Don't overload the first sentence with parenthetical material.
Red x.svg Don't reiterate descriptive article titles if awkward in prose.
Red x.svg Don't put links in a bolded reiteration of the title.
Red x.svg Don't use teasers.


Do consider joining WikiProject Introductions.

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